Zombie Evil 2 1.0.6 APK

Zombie Evil 2 for Android has just picked up an update. Head to the Google Play Store and you'll find the newest version of Zombie Evil 2 with a new stage, weapons and a lot's of improvements.

Zombie Evil 2

Developed by FT Games, Zombie Evil 2 is an action game that challenge you in the war against the undead to kill every zombie you see. If you are into cool weaponry, wide span of all kinds of zombified creatures, and multiple levels and scenes of zombie killing amazingness then this is a game for you.

This game is extremely more developed than the first zombie evil. FT Games team are striking back the hearts of millions of returning the old school graphics of Metal Slug with creative and fun combat and the rush of zombies headed towards you. The game handles very well and simple wit great defense mechanics. You'll enjoy the graphics and sound effects from the different weapons and defensive turrets. It's a great entertainment on the train or simply want to kill time.

Zombie Evil 2 has a unique feel to it compared to other defense games. The waves of zombies that progressively grow in strength and numbers influence strategic game play that involves weapon placement, specialties, and of course upgrades. All of these aspects are controlled by the amount of blue gems/diamonds you are willing to spend.

The game itself gets better and better all the time with adds new features, now the developer have fixed the gun sticking problem and reduced the difficulty of some stage.

Here are the list what's new in Zombie Evil 2 on Android:
- Loading times have been improved.
- Download the new update to receive 30 gems!
- The difficulty of some stages has been reduced.
- Fixed the bug regarding zombies not appearing
- New stages, weapons and zombies have been added!
- Some interfaces have been redesigned.
- Some small bugs have been fixed.

Requires Android: 4.0+
Download File: 47MB (Zombie Evil 2 APK)

Zombie Evil 2 APK

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