My Talking Tom 1.8.4 APK

My Talking Tom APK

My Talking Tom android app just got updated to v1.8.4 with few new features. Now you have a new wardrobe, dress your Tom the way you want! Select a fur or your favorite outfit! Everything is now working with better video recording, make your own My Talking Tom video and share it with the world!

Published by Outfit7 My Talking Tom is one of the most popular apps for android. Your mission is to take good care of your virtual pet, name him and make him part of your daily life by feeding him, playing with him and nurturing him as he grows. You have to dress him up any way you like and pick from a wide selection of fur colors and other accessories. Decorate his home and checkout how others decorated their My Talking Tom homes. Play games with your Tom and watch as he becomes a part of your everyday life.

Previous versions of My Talking Tom
- My Talking Tom APK 1.0

When you are bored, you can play this games or challenge friends or family. This app lets you see Tom grow from kitten to adulthood, customizing his appearance as they go, with the introduction of animations powered in real-time 3D for the first time.

Download My Talking Tom APK
- Requires: Android 2.2+
- File Name: 15MB (My Talking Tom 1.8.4.apk)

My Talking Tom APK

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