Zombie Evil 2 1.0.3 APK

FT Games, the developer behind Zombie Frontier and SWAT has released its new action game called Zombie Evil 2 bring player continues enter a world far with a huge variety of zombie enemies and challenging gameplay.

Zombie Evil 2

Zombie Evil 2 is a new zombie shooting games that you can play for free on Android phone and tablet. The battles are absolute carnage, zombies and blood everywhere. It's very well made with a diverse set of weapons and zombies, as well as being free to play, it's almost too good to be true.

Your mission is save the world from the zombie infestation, all you do is tap where you want to shoot. In order to shoot the zombies, you have to place your finger in the line of fire. It has a strong sense of shooting, Boom ..Boom .. Boom, and you can hardly stop playing it. This makes it difficult to find the zombies that were missed.

A lot more fun than the zombie evil one, it's the best because you can kill thousands of zombies. You will like how fast you can shoot with lots of damages. Other games are hard to control while aiming and by the time any bullets come out yours eaten, but this game is better.

Just like the movies, you are fighting a legion of zombies. But you can upgrade your defenses and weapons. Its nothing like the pictures but that doesn't matter because the game is really fun and the selection of guns are really effective and useful.

This game is the bomb and a must download game if you are a fan of zombie games and defense games. For you who needs time busting game, here it is. Start now and a day ago everything works good, it helps pass the time fast. Once you start you can't stop playing and ignoring your calls just to continue play.

What do you think of Zombie Evil 2? Is it a game you're looking to try out?

Requires Android: (4.0+) Ice Cream Sandwich
Download File: 46MB (Zombie Evil 2 APK)

Zombie Evil 2 APK

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