Road Smash 2: Hot Pursuit 1.4.0 APK

The best crashing shooting game Road Smash 2: Hot Pursuit has just been updated with new career challenge mode and adds other new features. Head into Google Play to download or pick .apk file here so you can transfer and install it easily on your Android device.

Road Smash 2: Hot Pursuit

Road Smash 2 is an excellent sequel to the first game, its a game about racing, fast cars and loud music. The original Road Smash was a highly dynamic and engaging game, but this one has already exceeded the expectations. Now the game comes with new features and brings some improvements. The game adds career challenge mode which you can beat the best racers in the world.

A great entertainment with beautiful and dangerous driving. The game lets you be the best racer, its a game for real car drive and most of all the cars and different levels. There are many cool cars from the world’s leading manufacturers and a wide range of customization parts you can choose from. Drive your car without law on the roads and drive fast or get out of the way. There's a road block comes ever car speeds up and stops fast and makes you crash two cars in the way of the road block and it forces you to crash. You have to control your car with two different modes: using a virtual wheel that you'll see on the screen or your accelerometer.

Creative mobile build nice apps such as the Drag Racing app and done again with this one. If you like wrecking stuff and racing, Road Smash 2 is a must have game on your Android phone and tablet. Highly recommended for those who like action driving game with good graphics and highly refined controls.

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download File: 44MB (Road Smash 2: Hot Pursuit APK)

Road Smash 2: Hot Pursuit APK

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