Angry Birds maker Rovio has released its first game under experimental publishing arm LVL11 called RETRY bring the retro 8-bit visuals and gameplay style. With that in mind, it has finally hit App Store and Google Play.


Rovio may have the solution for those who want to fill the void left behind by Flappy Bird. Retry is a fun game not too difficult and not too easy, it's a perfect blend. It is similar to Flappy bird but better with power-ups for your plane, save points and the world plus world map. Also, it has cool retro graphics, great soundtrack, Angry bird spirit and smooth control.

In RETRY, you’re in the cockpit, take control of a tiny plane and navigate a series of increasingly difficult courses. You have involves steering an out-of-control plane through a series of challenging obstacles and collecting coins along the way. Jut like Flappy Bird, its super easy to learn and hard to master. You touch your screen and almost anything in the level constitutes failure. Tapping on the screen propels your aircraft into the air, so perfectly timing each spike in elevation is crucial to your success. It’s going to take raw skill and white-knuckle stunts to get through this one.

The app is available now for iOS and Android for free-to-play with some in-game advertising and offers in-app purchases as well. If you want to pay anything, you can easily finish the game without purchasing a single coin if you're willing to skip a couple of checkpoints or watch ads.

The game itself requiring only Android 2.3 or better to run, it's mean you can play RETRY on any Android device out there. As usual, you can pick the .apk file so you can transfer and install it easily to your Android phones and tablet.

Requires Android: (2.3+) Gingerbread
Download File: 47MB (RETRY APK)
Update File: RETRY 1.4.6 APK


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