Battle of Heroes 1.49.5 APK

Ubisoft has released a new action game called Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals that offers players discover a new fantasy world in the pursuit to conquer the Golden Plains of √Čvagar from Android. Head into Google Play to download or pick .apk file here.

Battle of Heroes

Battle of Heroes is a brand new free-to-play strategy and RPG mobile game from the popular game developer Ubisoft Entertainment. The title lets you create your own fantasy world where you will be able to control your Heroes and cast devastating spells, train lethal units, defend your city and fight against other Heroes to conquer Evagar.

The gameplay is like Clash Of Clans, but with heroes that you can move him and use spells. It feels like LoL and CoC mixed in together. You will use your Hero’s skills and abilities to cast meteoric spells and unlock new Heroes as you defeat foes and build up their citadel with outposts, catapults, archers, mages and warriors. Support units including archers, warriors, wall breakers, riders and mages can be trained to fight alongside Heroes to help turn the tide of battle. Comes with 3D graphics, this game will make you lost in the beauty and battlefields of Evagar.

Battle of Heroes is an online game, that's mean network connection is required to play. The game is available for free-to-play and Offers in-app purchases. You can also download  this game on the App Store for iOS and the Amazon app store.

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download File: 13.2MB (Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals APK)

Battle of Heroes APK

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