Hangouts 2.3 APK

Hangouts android app recently updated to version 2.3 bring few features, the new visual and some improvement. Now that hangouts can do voice calls with the Hangouts Dialer, it's beyond perfect. This app was the best text client by a long shot, with Voice integration features makes it even better. Now you get all your calls, texts, and IMs in one place.


Google is now providing us a better app for video and voice calls. This is a vast improvement over previous versions of hangouts. Its lets you talk with your friends and family members from far away or not from far away in the world.  Free VoIP calls alone make this app worth it. Just install it and see for yourself!

The Google Hangouts app is available for both iOS and Android platform as well as on the web through Gmail making it accessible to almost everyone. With the support for regular messages, video messages, pictures and now with the voice call, Hangouts has everything to qualify as a great app. Its way better than any other messaging app out there, you can do all kinds of sweet stuff that you can't do with any other messaging app!

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download file: 15MB (Hangouts 2.3 APK)

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