Spider-Man Unlimited 1.0.0i APK

Gameloft, the developer behind the successful Asphalt 8: Airborne and Despicable Me, announced that it's currently working on a new action-packed arcade adventure game for the Android and iOS platform called Spider-Man Unlimited. You can now download Spider-Man Unlimited 1.0.0i from the Google play store.

Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited  is a fun twist on the mobile endless-runner genre that feels like it came straight from the Marvel comic book series of the same name. This game has gameplay elements and a great story that inject fun and humour into a genre that has grown very stale. The levelling system is great and makes sure you always feel like you are progressing and building to the next mission or the next unlockable. You can recruit different spidey from the different dimension, like what doc ock do in the spider-verse. You unlock various alternate universe versions of Spider-Man to recruit them on your missions and each variation has a different perk that will help you out.

Gameloft has come with many surprises, and this is not an exception. First iOS release made the game even a more anticipated one for Android users. If you're Spider-Man fan, it's one of the must haves.

A great game in the true sense, its good as Temple Run and as exciting and action packed as Gun Bros. It comes with fluid controls, slick graphics, good voice acting and storyline make for this fun filled action packed game well worth a look and great companions to an addictive game.

As always, the game from Gameloft is so much fun. The game is challenging and will not get old for young or old players, this is a game that you must get loved. It's available for free-to-play for Android and iOS platform with containing some optional in-app purchases to help you when you get stuck on a level. You can download the APK file of Spider-Man Unlimited right now using the link given below.

Requires Android: 4.0 +
Download File: 21MB (Spider-Man Unlimited APK)

Spider-Man Unlimited APK

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