Hangouts Dialer 0.1.74972069 APK

Hangouts Dialer is a new free voice calls app on Android. Now you can place outbound phone calls to any number in the world from your Hangouts app using your data connection. The app lets you make calls over WiFi using Hangouts on Android. The use of WiFi is not only a benefit economically, it's great to use the WiFi to make calls when mobile signal is not so hot.

Hangouts Dialer

Developed by Google, Hangouts Dialer is probably the most anticipated, its replaces the android stock dialer with a modern looking interface, therefore, taking the android smart phone to a new stage in a better user experience to make free or low-cost voice calls over the Internet. Most calls to the United States and Canada are free and rates really low for other destinations.

Hangouts for android already makes it easy to send a quick message, or start a group video chat, and now the app is getting better with Voice Call features. Google Voice calls over data (without 3rd-party workarounds) has been a much-needed feature for a very long time in the Android community.

Please note: When you open this app, it will tell you that you need to update your hangouts to 2.3 but that version is not released yet. The newest version is 2.1.2 so far on google play. Don't worry, you can download the APK file of Hangouts 2.3 from here. With Hangout 2.3 installed, this works like a Miracle.

Requires Android: 4.0.3 +
Download File: 464k (Hangouts Dialer APK)

Hangouts Dialer APK

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