Zombie Age 2 1.1.0 APK

Zombie Age 2

Zombie Age 2 Android game updated to v1.1.0 with reducing bosses heath, increase EXP gain from killing zombies and more. Zombie Age 2 is an online mobile game, cartoon style, zombies fighting and shooting game is free to play on Android devices. Best Zombie fighting game on the market. If you're looking for a game to past time then you found it. This is better than zombie age 1 its awesome with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A funny game with a serious addiction to it. The IAP is not necessary. Just remember that weapons bought with coins or cash are upgraded with the same currency. Can be hard to progress without feeling like you need in app purchases, but they're not compulsory. Variety of guns, buy different characters, daily missions rewarding coins, buy boost to help you in missions, you can even get back-up for those hard missions! You can kill the butchers, just aim at the butcher knives and shoot but make the dual pistols upgrades cheaper.

This game is fun, challenging, and endless increasing amusement. It is a Zombie killing Machine! You can play it over and again, it'll keep you up all night. Fun to play with simple mindless zombie killing perfect for killing time. Being able to move around the world instead of just aiming and shooting a weapon makes you think in a different way when being hoarded by zombies. You wont regret it!

Zombie Age 2 Game Features:
- Tons of missions
- Up to 17 characters
- Zombie combat in 7 different zones with 7 unique game modes
- Slay zombies with over 30 weapons
- Both HD/SD are supported 
- Request friends to fight for you
- Unique cartoon style
- Global Leaderboard

What's new in version 1.1.0:
- Fix wrong helicopter position (SD graphic) on defense mission
- Reduce bosses heath
- Increase EXP gain from killing zombies
- Decrease time to recover for backups
- Several minor bug fixes

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 25MB (Zombie Age 2 APK)

Zombie Age 2 APK

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