Zombie War 1.3.2 APK

Zombie War

Zombie War is one of the best tower defense games for Android. If you're a person who likes to try to upgrade things to the max then this is the game for you, so many upgrades to strive for. Levels have set amount of waves but endless carnage is optional for each level which is awesome. It's definitely a fun game, you'll have to do some grinding out for points, you in no way "need" to buy coins, just moves along a little faster.

This is a pretty fun tower defense game. Your mission is to build turrets along the road to protect human while kill zombies. Each city has a unique view, and the game will offer you endless fun. With a wide variety of zombies, including human zombie, dog zombie, bomb zombie and even titan zombie you will enjoy the pleasure to kill hundreds of zombies at an instant. A little difficult to understand at first but with tine you get hang of it. What are you waiting for? Download this awesome game free of charge right now!

Zombie War Game Features:
- The military ranking system.
- 2 defense modes and 3 difficulty levels.
- 3 special skills: the Space Laser, the Shockwave Bomb and the B2 bomber.
- The truly original weapons in the modern war and some sci-fi elements.
- 27 medals waiting for you to achieve!
- Chance to win random items after destroying zombies.
- Stunning visual effects, high-resolution images and amazing sound effects.
- The upgrading system similar to RPG and more.

Requires Android: 2.1+
Download File: 27MB (Zombie War 1.3.2 APK)

Zombie War APK

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