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Play to Cure Genes In Space

Genes in Space is a pioneering way of helping these scientists in their mission to beat cancer sooner and all via this world first mobile game. Amazing idea this game helps decode cancer data and helps fight cancer, I think You haven't played it yet but even if it's rubbish you'll still play if you know it's helping. It needs human eyes to have the biggest impact and this does just that. Translates the data into a game. A simply briliant concept. Reminds You of the SETI program years ago. Downloading now and looking forward to doing your bit on the way home from work.

Genes In Space Game features:
- Plan your route to maximise your Element Alpha haul 
- Arcade/action space gameplay 
- Rise through the ranks at Bifrost Industries from Recruit to Galactic Legend 
- Upgrade and customise your ship with unique items, weapons and colours 
- Maximise your profits by trading your Element Alpha when the market is high or sell immediately for a guaranteed return.

A mysterious substance is discovered in the voids of deep space. Dubbed Element Alpha, the substance is refined for use in medicine, engineering and construction and soon the Element Alpha industry explodes galaxy wide.
As an employee of Bifrost Industries, one of the biggest traders of the substance, your job is to collect as much Element Alpha as you can and trade it for upgrades to your spacecraft to help you manoeuvre the asteroid filled space course.

Element Alpha represents genetic cancer data that scientists across the world analyse on a daily basis. Genes in Space has successfully translated this data into an interactive, asteroid-strewn intergalactic assault course.
By collecting Element Alpha and navigating your spaceship through the cosmos you’re finding the significant genetic changes which help scientists to discover cancer causing genes and develop new life saving treatments.
So gamers take note. The Genes in Space story may not be real, but the impact of what you’re doing is far from science-fiction.

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 10 MB (Play to Cure: Genes In Space 1.0 APK)

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