Paperama 1.0.9 APK


Paperama is a very cool and relaxing puzzle game. It's a great brain game for those who like to use it. Just fold the paper sheets to create origami figures and work as accurate as possible to fit the form. Don't use too many folds! The levels increase in difficulty but not too quickly to keep up with, and the hints are great when you get stuck. The music is relaxing and the graphics smooth. Highly recommended if you have any interest in origami at all.

This is a very fun app that challenges you to see things in a different ways. The shapes are never the same and it keeps you guessing. It takes ingenuity, creativity and a little bit of stubbornness. So far it's just about folding the paper to fit perfectly within the guidelines, using a set amount of folds. Simple yet really fun and challenges you to think of the easiest way to solve the problem. You really have to think the higher levels you have.

Paperama Game Features:
- Amazing 3D folding effect
- Game Services Support
- Smart Hint System
- More than 70 puzzles 

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download File: 28MB (Paperama 1.0.9 APK)

Paperama APK

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