Subway Surfers 1.23.1 APK

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers Android game update with awards adjustments and fixed rare power jumper issue. This is an amazing and dynamic runner game for Android. You will be playing a guy who wants to cover all trains with graffiti. This is not a game to play when you're bored its a game is supposed to have nothing to do for the whole entire day. Subway Surfers is the perfect game it entertains you and it has lots of fun. It is very addictive and if you like to challenge yourself Subway Surfers is the game for you, once you start its hard not to help yourself but to press run again.

In the real world it's impossible to run on railway tracks in that the speed trains, but this game there is so brave boys and girls. Giving fun to all the users and problem for the cop and the Dog. If you have some time to burn, it's great for that. A fun game to compete against friends and family like Top Gear Race the Stig. Its not only a game but it makes you focus on something you should. Instead of paying with real money you can buy with your coins in the game.

Overall Subway surfers is a really fun game. It makes you want to play almost every day. What a great stress reliever. This is the type of game you keep coming back to. Play for an hour, stop and soon you just have to play again. This game will change your view of the 'Entertainment Criteria' if you like with Temple Run 2 it was the same thing. With Subway Surfers, it's the World Tours, Power ups, Hoverboards, Trophies and the different characters. So many things! The World Tours show you many countries that you can struggle to find.

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download File: 31MB (Subway Surfers APK)

Subway Surfers

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