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The Google Maps app for Android phones and tablets bring turn-by-turn navigation with lane guidance displays distance, the arrival time, and quick access to alternate routes. Maps has improved substantially over the last few months. While it is not always intuitive to figure out how to change the method of transport or to change the route, it now displays more useful and relevant info when searching directly in the app.

Google Maps with navigation is one of the best GPS and mapping softwares around. And that's not even the best part! is's free! Whereas other companies want to charge you monthly service charges for inferior services; Google provides all this for free! Google puts apple to shame with their maps. Always finds the route within seconds too.

Google Maps seems to be a lot faster and smoother. The app performs well, has a great interface and integrates with Google Now. There are some great new features on this version such as having ETA and time remaining on the bottom at the same time. The navigation is so much better now! The spoken directions are clearer, traffic is super accurate, and the street signs that tell you if roads left/right only are useful in busy traffic on unfamiliar roads.

This is an essential application that really does make question the need for a stand-alone navigation device. You can use for navigation, directions, and finding a location. The addition of lane guidance really helps out with safer driving. Not having to make rapid, last-minute lane changes will be a welcome addition. Also, the combination of travel time remaining/miles remaining/time of arrival is a nice safety feature. Keeps you from having to fiddle with the phone while driving.

What's new in version 8.0.0:
- Sign in to see your “Places to review” list from recently saved or searched-for places
- Transit results now display total walking time of your trip and the next scheduled bus or train
- If you have the Uber app installed, open it right from Google Maps when comparing route options
- Save and manage offline maps in a custom list for when you're traveling or have a slow connection

Requires Android: 2.1+
Download File: 10MB (Maps 8.0.0 APK)

Google Maps APK

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