Retrica 2.3.1 APK

Venticake has released a new version of its Retrica photography app, available for download now on Android, that lets you enjoy premium filters this holiday season at heavily discounted rates. You can also use it with limited edition watermarks for 2014-2015 winter holidays season. Along with some of the new filters, the developer also promises improvements in the app as well as bug fixes.


Retrica is a wonderful photography app with a wide selection of options and effects to take amazing photos. It's a cool app where you can take wonderful photos that make your world brighter and better. The app also very clear doesn't use a lot of gigabytes, and it is very awesome that you get to use all these filters.

One of the best photo app on the market that you can install on your mobile phone. All the rest are useless, but this one is actually incredible. It helps you so much having an android with poor quality camera, this app really helps you when you need to take that perfect picture. It gives out pictures perfect as if it has taken in professional camera.

The update is live right now if you have the app installed and if you've been waiting to grab the latest APK file, now is the time to do. Download directly Retrica 2.3.1 APK at the link below and install it on your Android phone or tablet.

What do you think of the new filters update?

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download File: 33MB (Retrica APK)

Retrica APK

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