Angry Birds Epic 1.2.1 APK

Angry Birds Epic gets an update to version 1.2.1 on the Play Store brings a new player-versus-player system, complete with different leagues and leaderboards. The basic and somewhat linear Angry Birds has been transformed to a full-fledged RPG. A huge colorful world, large cast of upgradable birds, plenty of enemies, variety of equipment, battles, and full Google game services.

Angry Birds Epic

Angry birds had a great history of games but this one is amazing because angry birds has never done an RPG before, it's been revolutionized to its best state. RPG mixed with angry bird characters, if you just want a good game to make yourself chuckle as well as use your brain for strategic play, this is worth the download. It's very easy and reminiscent of a classic RPG. And if you didn't like angry birds before you should give out a try.

Here is the list what's new in Angry Birds Epic version 1.2.1 on Android:
- Win in the weekly leagues for epic rewards!
- Player vs. Player Arena! Battle other teams and defeat their banners!
- Customize your team banner with powerful parts!
- Climb the ladder in the Arena Leagues – can you make it to the Diamond tier?
- Plus, look out for an upcoming special holiday event!

The update is live right now if you have the app installed and if you've been waiting to grab the latest APK file, now is the time to do. Download directly Angry Birds Epic 1.2.1 APK at the link below and install it on your Android phone and tablet.

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download File: 18.7MB (Angry Birds Epic APK)

Angry Birds Epic APK

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