MonsterStrike 2.7.2 APK

Social mobile service and mobile game developer mixi Inc has released its popular Japanese physics RPG MonsterStrike for North American Android users. With the English version release, the developer aims to introduce this action game to a wider worldwide audience.


Monster Strike is an action game created by Yoshiki Okamoto, creator of classics such as Time Pilot and Street Fighter 2. The game combines the familiar monster collecting gameplay with role-playing game elements and a great fight system.

The game lets you become a monster master and collect over 500 kinds of unique and powerful monsters. You have to collect and raise a stable of powerful monsters, which are then taken on battles that culminate in encounters with powerful boss monsters. You simply tap, pull back and release mechanism for flinging your monsters around the play area, slamming into enemies, friends and walls.

MonsterStrike was popular in Japan, and now you will get the same enjoyment like player there. If you played Brave Frontier or PAD you will get the same enjoyment with this one. Game is very responsive and well put together, a lot of fun and diversity to keep you playing, once you start playing you can't stop.

To play Monster Strike you need Android 2.3.3 or better to run, it's mean you can play Monster Strike on most Android device out there. It's available for free-to-play and offers in-app purchases for both iOS and Android. You can now download this game on the App Store and Google Play or pick .apk file here so you can transfer and install it easily on your Android phone and tablet.

- Simple Rules
- Take On Tough Quests with Friend
- Collect and Upgrade Monsters
- Awesome Strike Shots and more.

Requires Android: 2.3.3
Download File: 50MB (Monster Strike APK)

MonsterStrike APK

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