Gods Rush 1.1.1 APK

Game Developer IGG has released its new action-packed strategy role-playing game for Android, which is offer experience Greek mythology like player has never seen it before as player fight to become a living legend. Head into Google Play Store and you'll now find Gods Rush.

Gods Rush APK

Worldwide release on Android, IGG on its best again! Following Successful Castle Clash and Clash of Lords 2, Gods Rush became the top game on the market with over 300 hundred download for Android phone and tablet this month.

In Gods Rush, you have to guide your team of Gods, heroes, and monsters on a quest of epic proportions. Unleash otherworldly skills to crush your enemies on the battlefield. Combining unique tactical combat with classic RPG storytelling in battle players across the globe or try to survive the Gauntlet.

God rush is one of the best games ever created. There are some games out there like this. Not going to lie, but this is fun. This game rocks with upgrades and many Greek heroes. You get to battle and you can earn items to evolve a whole bunch of gods. You also can't forget his ready it is to earn those items. There are many places you can unlock too, like the arena.

If you ever play knights and dragons, this game will remind you of it, except all your team attack at once, like the cool animation and the characters look amazing. Game is fun to play right away, although controls are limited, basically timing when to unleash power attacks.

The game is entertaining, game mechanics is easy to understand and gives you many things to do. Character development is done in a new way, that's very original and well thought out. Its just like a strategy game it helps you make fun and cool decision.

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download File: 41MB (Gods Rush APK)

Gods Rush APK

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