Gear Jack Black Hole 1.1.1 APK

Gear Jack Black Hole

An endless spin-off to a popular autorunner comes to Android, Gear Jack Black Hole. Published by Crescent Moon, Gear Jack is an addictiveness of endless runners stems from presenting players with the greatest obstacle they could ever hope to overcome- themselves. 

In the game you play as Jack to through time and space to take on lethal alien enemies, crazy traps, and more. You are trapped inside the Black Hole, and you must running to save your life. To make things worse, your ship, the W.Hale was absorbed by the Black Hole too. And now all kinds of mechanical traps are floating around in the Black Hole!

Gear Jack Black Hole has vibrant colors, and a simple, but effective, graphic style. If you like adventure games, you'll like this one.

Here all you'll get in Gear Jack:
- Tons of Missions! 
- Addicting Endless Runner. 
- Beautiful And Unique Visual Style.  
- Power Ups and Mini Games.
- 5 Worlds (Japan, Iceland, Jungle, Volcanic and Desert) and more coming!
- Sneak Around to avoid waking up the alien monsters! 
- Talents and Customizations. 
- Social! Share your gameplay replays and your results!
- Leaderboards and Achievements. 

Download Gear Jack Black Hole APK
- Requires: Android 4.0+
- File Name: 24MB (Gear Jack Black Hole 1.1.1.apk)

Gear Jack Black Hole APK

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