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Brave Brigade

The classic RPG turn based like final Fantasy game in the last week has finally come to Android, Brave Brigade. Published by ZQGame, Brave Brigade is an immersive, strategy- driven fantasy game, relying on collecting Mercenaries (Mercs) to assemble, evolve and deploy around your Hero.

In the game, your mission is to through dungeons swarming with bizarre creatures and monstrous bosses as you place Mercs in cleverly planned tactical formations to conquer each unique battle. Your journey into a brave frontier will be perilous, so don’t forget to call on your friends for reinforcements in this classic style RPG.

The game is pretty decent and different from other games in the store. It has simple game mechanics, and cool characters, with auto attack sequence, turn base. And what's great is it doesn't have the annoying feeding for exp aspect. The battles are interactive to which keeps it from getting stale.

Brave Brigade is a great game overall with nice graphics (will reminds you about Ragnarok though?), nice concept, skill effect are awesome. Tactical RPG that are seldom seen as interesting as this game makes it all the more intriguing and unique. The majority of the fighting is done automatically with the exception when you can use your special attacks. The pixel art and battle scenes are detailed and fun to watch! Although the direction of the game makes you sit back and press time reaction spell breaks, it's fun to play and plan your party's build.

Download Brave Brigade APK
- Requires: Android 2.1+
- File Name: 35MB (Brave Brigade 1.1.23.apk)

Brave Brigade APK

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