Subway Surfers 1.25.0 APK

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers android game updated to v1.25.0 with add Edison, the Brazilian soccer kid, to your Surfer crew and reach the best Ranks in the Top Run race to get cool Awards. It's world cup football fever, and game is now in Sao Paulo. It changes with seasons, right now its in brazil for the world cup. You can compete with facebook friends, win daily challenges, complete missions, purchase things with coins, etc.

This game is very addicting and fun to play randomly. Now you have to join the weekly Top Run race and compete against players from your country. Boost your collection with the iconic Banana board and cool Outfits for Edison and Zoe. In real, it's impossible to run on railway tracks in that the speed trains, but this game there is so brave boys and girls. Giving fun to all the users and problem for the cop and the Dog. Will get you addicted, if you are a true game freak, whose hobby is collecting new characters and hoverboards, completing missions and awards, as well as going on an endless run, determined to make a high score beat your friends.

Subway Surfers is the one app you are sure to play daily. A good way to pass the time. You can just do the daily challenge, weekly challenges plus the fun missions. You never get tired because they continuously update the game with new challenges, cities, characters, etc. It makes your fingers stronger and you get coins to buy new characters and new power-ups and a few updates so it doesn't get boring, and there is also power ups you can get without coins. Play for fun, as much time as you want!

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Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download File: 34MB (Subway Surfers APK)

Subway Surfers APK

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