Crossy Road 1.0.2 APK

Crossy Road for Android was recently updated in the Google Play Store with a whole ton of unlockable Australian animals, and we’ve got the APK for you, as always.

If you're one of those who liked flappy bird or angry birds, then you'll love this. Crossy Road is an extremely addicting game with hints of the addictive property that made flappy bird so great. The game gives you a variety of character to unlock and buy, the funny thing about this game is that once you start playing you realize it passes the time so quick.

Crossy Road

An infinite version of the cult arcade classic Frogger, this is a game that grabs you by the brain and stays there. You play a cute little chicken and every few hours you get coins as gifts to use on the slot machine to get new characters. It's always fun to try to get one extra jump or coin. There are different characters you can get and how they affect the game really adds to the fun. You can also watch ads or collect the few that are peppered along the course. You can buy any specific character or just unlock them, there are a few upgrades.

Here's a full breakdown of what's new in Crossy Road update 1.0.2:
The Australian update has arrived!!
16 new characters:
- Australian animals
- 4x ???
Fixed bugs

Well, this game is like Frogger with a lot of cool characters to unlock and as addictive as Flappy Bird but not as frustrating, it is just the right amount of difficulty.

Will you be getting this Crossy Road update? Check out the game in the Play Store and let us know your thoughts on this latest content update. And if you can't get it in the Play Store you can download Crossy Road APK, at the link below.

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 48MB (Crossy Road 1.0.2 APK)

Crossy Road APK

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