SwiftKey Keyboard APK

SwiftKey Keyboard for Android has been updated  to the latest version bring few new features and some improvements. The developer added functionality to preserve verbatim over space inferred predictions and resolved some memory and crash issues with Samsung devices. The newest version have been focused on making the keyboard faster and more responsive. Now you can download SwiftKey 1.0.0 from the Google Play Store.

SwiftKey Keyboard

This is by far the best keyboard you can use on Android. Flexible, fast and well supported keyboard anywhere. Customizable in ways that aren't superficial and legitimately help and enhance your experience.

SwiftKey is a must for anyone who uses their phone for typing of any kind! Way better than the standard keyboard included in the OS. Simply the best keyword on the play store and comes with emojis. It helps you a lot, especially typing while you are walking (not the easiest way of typing) SwiftKey gives you the greatest suggestions even for such small language. It saved so much time from typing a letter at a time.

This app is so easy to use and excellent for quick typing with the prediction element. So much good in this keyboard app you really can't fault it for anything. Now has a load of themes for customization and frequently updated. There is no explanation really for this product, download it for yourself if you want to feel how it works. You can download the APK file of SwiftKey Keyboard from the link given below.

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 26.6MB (SwiftKey Keyboard APK)

SwiftKey Keyboard APK

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