Pou 1.4.61 APK

Pou 1.4.61 is now live on the Google Play Store bring some improvements and new features. This update adds Ghost Halloween Outfit, Witch Dress Outfit, Witch Hat Colors and more. You can now download the latest APK file from here so you can transfer and install it easily on your Android phones and tablets.


A really fun game where you have an alien named Pou you half to take care of him and play games. It's a casual game that lets you to takes care of your very own alien pet from your mobile device. Feed your Pou, clean it, play it and see Pou grow up while leveling up and unlocking different outfit. There're many items you have to choose from to customize your Pou. Customize Pou's appearance and try new Outfits, Eyeglass and Hats to satisfy your unique taste. If you ever play a Tamagotchi-like pet game, you'll like this one.

The gameplay is fun and fine for anyone at any age. It also has exciting games inside a single app and activities to do with so many options from clothing to hair to eye colors and so much more. You'll love this games that come with it, dressing up your Pou in hundreds of ways. You can take credit of it as a baby where you would collect food and go up. And occasionally put coins in with the food as you go up.

Overall, Pou is the best pet game ever out there, with endless amounts of fun and the games are relaxing by the way. Nice app if you want to kill time, dress it the way you like or just play all day. You can try to play it for a long time go to sleep, you can play with it do any of those things with it's really fun.

Requires Android: 1.6+
Download File: 20MB (Pou APK)


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