Drone: Shadow Strike 1.1.59 APK

Reliance Games has released its new action game for Android fans who like epic military warfare game called Drone: Shadow Strike. The game lets you operate the world’s best UCAVs with an arsenal of weapons and bring the rain from you tablet.

Drone: Shadow Strike

Drone: Shadow Strike is a fun game especially if you like how drones work. Its fun blowing up enemies and chopping enemies down with your minigun. If you liked the "Spectre" gunship missions or flying assault combat in a certain console game, you'll like this one. Flares are fired by tapping on the incoming threat.

In Drone : Shadow Strike, you can fly with 7 different types of UCAVs, from prototypes to official in-service aircrafts. You control your own drone with just a fingertip. Use you Guided Missiles, Cannons, Rockets and Bombs to defend, Survive, Strike or Escort your missions in 4 real world inspired campaigns.

If you ever play COD MW2 and the drone level, this game will remind you of it. This enhances it through by giving you options to upgrade and a puzzle/management game. You actually earn enough money in a mission to upgrade parts. As long as you complete as many of the secondary objectives without going to the next part you'll have enough money to buy the upgrades. Parts are not that long and the more money you make, the more upgrades you get the easier. Earning money takes time but its all worth it.

Drone Shadow Strike is available for free-to-pay and offers in-app purchases to upgrade parts of your UCAVs. Fun and the pay to play feature isn't ridiculous like in some other games. This game is great, you can so much to do! You can customize your drone and play tons of challenging levels. You even level up and set high scores.

The game is like zombie gunship but with the military. The controls are smooth, graphics and audio are great. Truly a lot of fun to play a little better than zombie gunship because of all of the upgrades. It's a good time killer when you're sitting waiting somewhere. Overall, Drone : Shadow Strike is the perfect type of game for mobile.

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download File: 48MB (Drone: Shadow Strike APK)

Drone: Shadow Strike APK

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