Destiny 3.0.2 APK


Destiny companion app updated to v3.0.2, the update made it possible for us with the Android L preview installed to be finally able to sign in, and the app not crash instantly. Destiny Companion is a must have for all destiny fans. This is what a game companion app should be. No extra fat, no paywall or marketing, just functional and helpful additions to the game.

As we know Destiny is a new game for next-gen consoles, with the public beta of the game now available for PlayStation 4 owners.  By install this app,  you can manage your gear and skills on the fly. You have access to your character (known as a Guardian), including weapons, armor, stats and all your accomplishments. And also you get information about additional features inside and outside of the game.

Fantastic app for the fantastic game.  Destiny companion app has easy to get to functions. Clear topics and useful information and easy to read. It is the best designed video game app yet, really fast, intuitive and overall great.

Download Destiny APK
- Requires: Android 4.0+
- File Name: 16MB (Destiny 3.0.2.apk)

Destiny APK

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