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Smash Hit

Smash Hit android app update adds new levels for endless meditation and bugfixes for new ART runtime in Android 4.4. Smash Hit was already good, but the new update has made it even more so. This game has just got better now with an update with extra gameplay, boss level, casual level, etc. See a target and hit it with a silver ball, the more glass pyramids you hit, the more silver balls you get. Fantastic time waster, warning the more engrossed you get the more time will fly by.

Smash Hit is a calming addictive game. As people have said, its a wonderful game. No annoying ads, and you can play with no limits. The graphics of this game is something you wouldn't expect on a mobile, but is expected for something like on PC. Comes with excellent 3D graphics and sound make this a must have game, especially if you are playing on a tablet.

Smash Hit combines the best of futuristic physics games with old timey games that you had to start the whole thing over if you mess up. This game allows you to experience throwing stainless ball at glass in three different types of gravity feels (Earth Moon and Mars). There is also different textured glass that may require more calls to break it. These obstacles not only challenge you with speed and accuracy, but strategy as well.

Previous versions of Smash Hit:

What's new in Smash Hit v1.3.1:
- Training mode - reduced difficulty
- Mayhem mode - increased difficulty and boss fights!
- Zen mode - New levels for endless meditation
- Bugfix for new ART runtime in Android 4.4

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download apk File: 49MB (Smash Hit APK)

Smash Hit APK

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