Groove Racer 1.0 APK

Groove Racer

Groove Racer is a unique game that plays like the old table top racing sets that you stuck the cars on and pressed a button to control them. Cars are really cool, they change with different tracks and some are harder to navigate, so it makes racing more challenging and fun. This reminds you of your childhood and how we used to play with this actual racing toy for hours. Funny and brings back a lot of old child hood memories and fun way to waste time.

Many fun levels and exciting 1 finger racer. It's more of a slot car racing game, but it's better than other crappy slot car games. You can race 16 unique cars across 88 gorgeous tracks with a press of a finger. Collect at least one gold trophy to unlock the next track. Win all trophies every time to speed to the top of leaderboards for some bragging rights. Pick-up-and-play controls will keep your entertained for hours!

Groove Racer Game Features:
- Simple one finger controls
- 66 gorgeous free tracks
- Future updates with brand new tracks
- 22 special tracks in 2 premium packs
- Cute graphics
- Game Play Services Leaderboards

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download File: 29MB (Groove Racer 1.0 APK)

Groove Racer apk

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