Table Top Racing 1.0.8 APK

Table Top Racing

Table Top Racing reminds you of micro machines for the Sega mega drive. This game is really funny, it's like how you drive in racing car. I think this is one of the best car racing game yet. Best graphics and so addictive, a must download. Difficulty is set pretty good, not too easy but not impossible. If you ever liked Mario Karts or Micro Machines, you'll love Table Top Racing.

Best mobile racing game ever! With an awesome arsenal of madcap weapons and devious power-ups to play with, cars and tracks are brought to life with 'Triple-A' production values lavished on every pixel. Table Top Racing pits all manner of crazy cars and automobiles against each other in a world of table top race tracks and over-sized obstacles.

Game Features:
- 30+ Special Events 
- 17 Upgradeable Cars 
- 8 Incredible Race Tracks 
- 4 Fierce Championships 
- 6 Unique Game Play Modes 
- 9 Cunning Power-Ups

Google Play Features: 
- Cloudsave
- 28 Achievements
- 19 Leaderboards 
- Multi-language Support: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese.

Requires Android: 4.0+
Download file: 28MB (Table Top Racing 1.0.8 APK)

Table Top Racing  download

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