Super Notes (Notepad) 2.2.1 APK

Super Notes (Notepad)

Supernote new ponguk notes have been upgraded. This is the best apps for notes on Android. Download app and create your own Notepad easy to apply themes. Every moment of your own with supernote. Very nice and simple just like how a notepad should be.

Super new notes can be seen as a computer, notes and smartphones using the cloud application. Notepad Notes & Malfunction or cloud backup feature by phone if you lose a backup to Place If you Naver N drive by the fact that you can see all the notes! More important is the fact that its free! Free! That! Supernote sure to note the notes habit If it is not yet habit.

Supernote app features:
-Note faithful to the basic create / save feature
- Notes for each photo attachment feature
- User-selectable list view, thumbnail view mode feature
Password for privacy lock feature
Naver N Drive safe and fast cloud backup feature
- Quick Save, Save Settings save feature user-selectable
Creating notes, see notes in view features dual note

Apply a theme to Notepad to create your own look!
- Free themes ponguk in points coming out every day ~ ~
Strawberry notes, molrang this note, Chelsea notes, etc. Lots of'em

Easy widget!
- Note that you need to frequently check the widget on the desktop can be set to
- Can be set as a note immediately required.

supernote application is required!
- Classes, meetings easily without writing when the writing instrument!
- Create a shopping list and easy to forget!
Written - a sudden brilliant ideas!
Duty features privacy protection to privacy because the information written!
- Photo diary written!

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download file: 1.3MB (Super Notes v2.2.1 APK)

Download apk Android

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