APN & Data Switch Trial 4.1 APK

APN & Data Switch Trial

Really useful Apps for control data. Download app and take control of your mobile data and save money on your mobile phone bill! APN & Data Switch works very well with most android phones and tablets. Get 2 widgets for Switch APN and Switch DATA funkcionality (no APN modification). App is highly customizable and widgets are attractive and practical. Best app because APN is generally hidden.

App provides tailored timer based APN and DATA switching. To have synchronized emails and apps and save battery power set 1 min for Apn duration timer and 10 min for Data off duration timer.
APN switching and Data toggle can be done much easier than you can ever imagine.

Configuration and features
- APN Switch, Data Switch
- Icon color customization
- Icon font customization
- Displaying icons title on/off
- Displaying notification on/off

Package contains 4 parts
- Switch Apn is widget for switching APN
- Switch Data is widget for switching Data
- Switch Rotation is trial widget for start/stop rotations

- Settings is app for configuration

Trial features
- Timer based APN rotation
- Timer based Data switch
- Screen state based Apn/Data rotation
- apn/data switching from notifcation bar
- Night mode

Requires Android: 2.1+
Download file: 286K (APN & Data Switch Trial v4.1 APK)

Download apk Android

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