Fingerprint Lock Screen 1.0 APK

Fingerprint Lock Screen

Use your fingerprint to unlock the phone. Fingerprint Lock Screen is a cool and futuristic android application with nice animations and great quality graphics and sounds. This app can be used as lock screen for your android device. Download app and protect your phone!

You can trick your friends into thinking that your android phone has a real fingerprint biometric scanner that allows only you to access the device. By using the fingerprint lock screen scanner for android you will provide your phone with an extra layer of security as well as a nice source of fun for your friends.

Go into the settings menu and activate the lockscreen option (default is off). Then go and setup the scan cycles (default is 3) and you're all set. The scan cycles option indicates how much time to wait (in beeps or vibration ticks or scan bar course over the screen) before taking off your finger from the screen and unlock the phone. Also there is one more little hint - see the color of the word "to" from the text "touch to scan" that will change from green to yellow when you must lift your finger to unlock the phone.

If you like the fingerprint lock screen scanner application you can use the context menu to share it to your friends via facebook, bluetooth, email, skype, twitter or any other means your phone has available. All with one touch.

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download file: 1MB (Fingerprint lock screen v1.0 APK)

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