TouchDevelop 1.0 APK


TouchDevelop is a new android tools available from Microsoft. This is a complete app creation ecosystem designed for touch and mobile devices. Download app and create your own fun games. You compose programs by tapping on the screen. Create apps everywhere on your phone or tablet, share them with other people! 

The TouchDevelop app for Android allows you to receive notifications directly on your Android phone or tablet related to your user account. You’ll get notified when someone gives you heart, writes a comment, takes a screenshot, or creates a variation of your code. You can write code and interact with other users in a web browser on many different devices, including Android phones, Android tablets, Windows Phone, Windows tablets, laptops and PCs, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

App Features:
- New interactive tutorials
- Cloud data makes it easy to share data with other people and across your own devices
- Debugger, profiler, code coverage, unit tests, crash reporting
- Create awesome UIs with pages and boxes
- Authenticate web services with OAuth v2.0
- Create apps and submit them to Windows Store and Windows Phone Store
- Upload your own pictures and sounds 
- Access to accelerometer, maps, translation services, web search, and more
- Code synthesis: When you search for available commands, just say what you want to do, and TouchDevelop will try to write the code for you
- Fast game and physics engine
- Define custom structured data types, objects, tables
- Create and reuse code with libraries

Requires Android: 4.0.3+
Download file: 238KB (TouchDevelop v1.0 APK)

Download app

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