Scrolls 1.0 APK


Minecraft developer Mojang has this week launched its strategy collectible card game Scrolls for Android. The game is available to download from the Google Play Store for free. The game is also available for the iOS and PC.

Here's a quick rundown of the game's features:
- A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: Building your army is only half the battle. Develop strategies and take control of the battlefield. The best bits of card and board games, combined.
- BUILD YOUR ARMY: We currently feature over 350 scrolls spread across 4 unique factions. You can mix and match them as you please.
- CROSS PLATFORM: Develop your skills and scrolls library by playing on Tablet, PC, or Mac. Battle with others, no matter which platform they're playing on.
- PLAY SOLO, OR WITH FRIENDS: Scrolls includes single player challenges along with online competitive and casual play.
- CHAT AND TRADE: Trade with other scrolldiers on the black market, or spend your hard-earned gold in our store. Chat with other players both in and out of battle. Please be nice.
- JUDGEMENT MODE: Build a unique deck in Judgement mode, then see how it fares against other’s creations.

Scrolls is a great combo card and board game that's not pay to win. Well worth the purchase if you enjoy the demo. It's a game a lot of folks have been waiting for, and it will be interesting to see how gamers take to it now that it has landed. So, if you're one of the legions of card and board games, head on over to the Google Play store now and pick yourself up a copy or download Scrolls APK file on the link below.

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 17.9MB (Scrolls APK)

Scrolls APK

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