Link2SD 3.5.3 APK

Link2SD app for Android has just been updated to work on even more devices with the inclusion of official support for Android 5.0 Lollipop. Following 3.5.3 Update, the apps gets better and better all the time with some improvement and adds new features.

Just like Titanium Backup root, Link2SD is an Android app to be installed for any root user. As application manager, it enables you to manage your apps and games in storage easily. It makes easy for you to manage your apps, move applications to the SD card and clean all cache files of the apps.


Link2SD is a really very good app for those of you who want to increase your internal phone memory. Its just what you need to be able to download some of the essential games and productivity apps you need. If you have a lot of apps and games that are unmovable to SD and they were occupying your internal space so bad. With this app, you can reduce almost half of the total app memory consumption on your internal memory. Take the time and learn how to format your SD card and this application is the best thing you'll ever have on your phone.

As usual for Android users, if you can't get the app from Google Play you can grab .apk file here so you can transfer and install it easily on your mobile device. The download link of Link2SD APK below is free version and has been updated with the latest version. If you worry about the sucky storage running out message, Go to google lay and buy pro and literally install as many apps as your phone can handle.

Here are the list what's new in Link2SD on Android:
- some minor bug fixes
- added Tamil translation
- added support for Android Lollipop (5.0)
** if you have issues on Lollipop run "Recreate mount scripts" and reboot

Requires Android: 2.0+
Download File: 3.3MB (Link2SD APK)


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