TripIt Travel Organizer 3.6.0 APK

There's a new TripIt Travel Organizer (v3.6.0) rolling out with the ability to make edits while offline. The latest version brings few new features and some improvement, the app worked much better now to organize your travel plans.

TripIt Travel Organizer

The TripIt website is really handy for travel planning. It checks your emails and automatically adds itinerary details for any bookings you make for flights, tours, etc.

TripIt Travel Organizer is easy to use and saves so much time to organize and to share your travel itinerary with family and others. The best part of this app is that you just forward your various car rental, hotel and flight confirmation e-mails to TripIt via e-mail and it automatically pulls in the data and puts it into a trip in your profile. No data entry needed!

The option to find alternative flights is particularly useful. You just send your confirmation emails for flights and hotels, and it creates a beautiful itinerary. And it updates by checking with the airline. TripIt flight delay notifications come ahead of time to make necessary adjustments, and usually precede the gate agent even knowing about a flight change, but it's really about having everything in one place.

If you are an organizational geek, this app will keep all of your itineraries in order. As a frequent traveller, the most important travel companions are your passport and TripIt will be saved you twice when you realized that you booked two flights on the wrong dates. It helps you with planning efficiency when going on trips by holds reservation details, confirmation numbers, seating information, etc.

Here's the list of changes for regular users of the service on TripIt Travel Organizer version 3.6.0:
- Better organize trips by editing unfiled items on the Android phone and tablet.
- Offline editing now lets you make and sync changes at any time.
- Enhanced Point Tracker features for TripIt Pro. New enhancements alert you when your reward programs points are close to expiring and allow you to manually add unsupported rewards programs so everything can be tracked in one place.
- Easily add and remove travelers, viewers, and planners so trip participants stay up-to-date.
- Various bug fixes.

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 8.2MB (TripIt Travel Organizer APK)

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