Camera ZOOM FX - FREE 5.4.5 APK

Androidslide releases Camera ZOOM FX update with version 5.4.5 bring some improvement and few new features. Now camera Zoom had smaller install size and added background photo indexing. You can download the latest version from the Google Play Store.

Camera ZOOM FX

Camera Zoom is a popular photography app that lets you action shots, photo filters, stable shot, collage, photo composition and more. This is a great camera app with very clear easy to use editor. Just as good as camera's like cymera, camera360, line and aviary.

As a replacement for the stock camera or as an additional, it's plenty of fancy effects. It gives you so many more options than the default camera software. Probably one of the best pic app out there. It has a lot of tools to train yourself to take a great picture and be organized. Way better than the stock camera, it comes with a powerful set of post-production tools that let you crop, rotate add borders or create a retro look with just one click. That's mean you can transform your mobile device into a full editing studio. There is a lot of cool effects that you can use and have a lot of fun with. Have fun with the mirror or fish-eye effects, Take a look here at some of the stunning things you can do with Camera ZOOM FX.

Camera ZOOM FX is quite amazing for a phone camera. If you are a professional don't just love this brilliant app for your mobile device, learn it's weak and strengths! You can use this quiet extensively at your shelter to photograph the animals. It is pretty easy to use and very easy to get the pics off the phone and onto the laptop or PC.

Requires Android: 1.6+
Download File: 3.7MB (Camera ZOOM FX APK)


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