Bruh Button 1.3 APK

Officially released this month, Bruh Button Challenge you how many times can you press the button in 15 seconds between Android and iOS devices. Head into Google play to download or pick .apk file so you can transfer and install it easily on your Android phone and tablet.

Bruh Button

Bruh Button is an arcade game, you can really tell there was a lot of time, effort and emotion put into making this. The idea of the game is weird, stupid, or crazy. But this game is very fun. When somebody was talking stupid and you want to say something, hit them with that Bruh Button. It's fun and you can compete with friends, plus you can switch from game mode to the simple bruh button which is nice.

For those moments when you can't out your response to someone's stupidity into words, all you need is this one. You have to play the game in order for you to use the actual button. All you have to do is get a little bit of seconds to tap a button. After the seconds are over a song is going to play like if somebody talking stupid and you want to say something hit with the bruh. It deals with how fast you press the button as fast as you could.

This game will have you up at night and refusing to sleep. Your friends will challenge you and you'll never stop playing. It is fun to challenge your friends to try and beat each others scores. You will always want to try and beat it high score obviously. It definitely helps to have small fingers tho.

To play Bruh Button you need Android 2.2 or better, it's mean you can play the game on most Android device out there.

What do you think of Bruh Button? Is it a game you're looking to try out?

Requires Android: 2.2
Download File: 5.7MB (Bruh Button APK)

Bruh Button APK

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