Star Wars: Commander 2.1.2 APK

Disney is rolling out an update to the Star Wars: Commander with version 2.1.2. The new update brings some improvement and its now available worldwide on Google Play! This is the same game of Clash of Clans but different because in SW: Commander you'll picking your own side and win or take over the galaxy or freedom.

Star Wars Commander

Star Wars: Commander is a good strategy game based on the typical mechanics used for phones. It seems to have regular updates and new content. In the latest version, Disney updated for few issues and also updated artificial intelligence in battles and chapter 9 missions now unlocked for both factions.

In Star Wars: Commander you have to build and defend your base by Train unique troops specific to each faction, and fortify your base with heavy artillery, deflector shields, turrets and other defenses! You will travel to multiple planets and deploy the powerful armies, units, and vehicles against enemies and players around the galaxy. It's the perfect mash up of Clash of Clans gameplay with the Star Wars theme.

Yes, Star Wars: Commander is a perfect melding of Clash of Clans and the Star Wars universe. Graphics are beautifully rendered, gameplay is smooth on mostly Android devices, and it's even worked out a few glitches that weigh down COC. Best of all, you can compete aggressively without in-app purchases. If you have a bad feeling about this, let go of your fear and take your first step into a larger world.

If you play clash of clans and love star wars then this game is for you. For any die hard star wars fan this is well worth the time to play, very addictive and great game play. As always, the game from Disney is so much fun. The gameplay is challenging and will not get old for young or old players. It's available for free-to-play for iOS and Android platform with containing some optional in-app purchases to help you when you get stuck on a level. You can download the APK file of Star Wars: Commander right now using the link given below. Download Star Wars: Commander APK and install it on your Android phone and tablet.

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download File: 30MB (Star Wars: Commander APK)

Star Wars Commander APK

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