WWE SuperCard 1.4.0 APK

A new card battle game is coming out this month for Android. From the makers of the NBA 2K14, all your favorite WWE Superstars are back for a brand new card battle.  This is WWE SuperCard, a card battle game for mobile devices with the power of WWE Superstars, Legends, and Divas in your hands.

WWE SuperCard

2K as developer behind the game is taking WWE to a whole other level like never before. They made the game fun by making the cards act like real superstars inside the ring and also having a system where you can manage your cards.

The game is great for a Free to Play mobile game, don't get me wrong.  It brings you to the hard-hitting, larger-than-life action of WWE on your mobile. If you are WWE fans and card trading, this game is for you.

This game is quick and addictive. It's a great way to pass the time. You play,  you gain and you upgrade. Matches are quick, so you don't get bored in a single match. You get cards after every match, and you don't have to pay real money to get good stuff in the game. Very fun and addicting a must play for any WWE fan.

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 48MB (WWE SuperCard APK)

WWE SuperCard APK

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