WeTransfer 1.0.20 APK

WeTransfer, the simple file-sharing service for sending large files across the Web, has just launched its Android app designed to speed up the process of sharing file. It’s free and offering Android users the ability to send up to 10GB worth of photos and videos file from a mobile or tablet.


Simple file-sharing is pretty much what's been missing from the internet. WeTransfer almost has it. Pick a file from anywhere in the OS, hit share, and send it to somebody. That's the magic you've always wanted.

This is the slickest transfer app out there. See it, click it and transfer it. You simply select your videos and photos or use the share button, add your friends’ email addresses and upload up to 10GB in one go. There's no sign up for uploader and easy on the recipient too. No longer ties up the recipient's mailbox for a long download. Save the link and look later or download at your convenience.

WeTransfer is available for Desktop (web based), iOS and Android for now. If you want to quickly send a hi-res photo to your family and friends here is free and easy services you could use.

Requires Android: 4.0.3+
Download File: 5.3MB (WeTransfer APK)

WeTransfer APK

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