Shots 1.0.6 APK


Shots popular Photography app on iPhone are finally coming to Android. Like the iPhone version, it is a fun place to share what you’re doing through selfies. And as usual, we have an APK for you to download and install it on your android device.

Shots is a great app for sharing pictures and is much better than other applications out there. It's got feelings a little bit like Instagram, but there is no commenting on the photos. You can't post comments on other people's selfies and can't see how many followers each has, so this is good to prevent cyber-bullying. You can be more your self with no judgments. Just reply to a person selfies with another selfies you just need to be following them.

According to Google Play, Shots on Android has as many as 500 Hundred users on Android devices, and user numbers still growing. If you like selfies and like communicate with friends by using photo to respond to a shot or by chatting in private, shots is the best choice. So, just downloaded it now, join and tell your friend!

Request Android: 4.0+
Download File: 12MB (Shots APK)

Shots APK

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