Turbo FAST 1.08.2 APK


Turbo FAST android game comes with new Movie character and new Villain Character. Now you can race with smoove move and race with Captain Dirtbeard! Turbo FAST is a racing game, loosely based upon DreamWorks movie and television series, it highlights the tale of snails who dare to dream to live a life of speed.

In Turbo FAST, you play as a snail who's taking part in a series of races at a Taco shop. You have to control the steering and the power slides of your snail with a number of different options available to you.

Published by PIKPOK, this game brings you head down to the garage where Tito will show you the ropes and help you trick-out your own sweet ride! Race, drift, slide and jump your way to the top of the Leaderboards! It's a fun game, and that can keep you entertained for hours. A good game you can do time pass with it at a time if you feel boring. There are a lot of levels too, which is really fun to play.

Turbo FAST Game Features:
- Pre-race mods enable you to improve your performance with things like extra speed, fuel and time
- 11 Unique Race Tracks to Test Your Skills
- Special Race Events: Limited Fuel, Time Trials, Slalom and Rival Races
- Leaderboards show how you rank amongst your friends and all the top players.
- Ability to record your greatest race moments, watch on instant replay and share with your friends
- Optional Facebook and Twitter posting to show off your pimped-out Shell and best scores
- Thousands of Performance and Design Combinations: Shell Upgrades, New Paint Jobs and Neon Glows

Download Turbo FAST APK
- Requires: Android 2.3+
- File Name: 15MB (Turbo FAST 1.08.2.apk)


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