Swamp Attack 1.4 APK

Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack is a brand new action game for the Android created by Out Fit 7, and it’s a really addictive game. A casual game like the cockroach simulation, this game is available for iPhone  and iPad device. Great game for a short span of time! It is a challenging game with limited weapons. Must have for android users especially for launch break.

The game is a combination of Plants vs. Zombies-style and  tower defense gameplay, set in a swamp. In the game you play a backwoods bumpkin trying to defend your swamp cottage from the evil zombie critters. Character in this game is pretty addicting, once you start play, you just want to shoot and shoot all those raccoons, crocodiles and turtles.

Swamp Attack is free to play with the option to purchase items to help you progress through the levels faster. The best way to advance is playing the quick missions because they give you money to keep your house safe. Once you get money you can upgrade and equip weapons before starting a new level.

Swamp Attack Game Features:
- More than 10 awesome defense tools like the mighty shotgun, the reckless minigun and the super atom bomb!
- More than 15 different critters going wild each with its own special attack!
- 78 different levels
- Quick Mission for an instant action!
- 4 episodes

So, how do I play Swamp Attack? The game is easy to play. You just tap the screen to shoot. You have to drag and drop the explosives onto monsters and switch between weapons during the action. This a good game it is a challenge overall. If you're looking for an epic addicting shooting game this is it.

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download File: 40MB (Swamp Attack 1.4 APK)

Swamp Attack APK

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