Primitives Puzzle in Time 1.8 APK

Primitives Puzzle in Time

CrazyLabs developer releases new Android puzzle game that bring you take a journey with through space, time and the imagination. Its Primitives Puzzle in Time, a challenging game that keeps you engaged while never seeming impossible.

Primitives is an admirably unique and challenging puzzle game that available for iOS and android. The core idea of the game is a simple one: drag a line from the starting point to finish collecting stars along the way. In the game, you have to drag the primitives and shapes through a beautiful dimension to find your way out of each enigma. You will interact with shapes, colors and triggers, prevent collisions and smash time bubbles to save trapped stars. Go back in time and change paths to solve puzzles.

When you play Primitives, you are exercising your brain in a unique way. Like another puzzle game, the gameplay requires your focus, balance, creativity, and timing. Each level brings unique designs, new obstacles, doodling fun, and mind-bending challenges.

Primitives Puzzle in Time Game Features:
- Hours of doodling fun
- Fluid time scrubbing mechanics
- Over 90 beautifully crafted levels
- Mesmerizing and colorful and puzzles
- Different shapes each with different time perceptions

Requires Android: 2.2+
Download File: 29MB (Primitives Puzzle in Time APK)

Primitives Puzzle in Time APK

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