Dropbox APK

A minor update to Dropbox for Android is out this week bringing a few new features and enhancements. The app now supports in-app previews of PDF files, Word, PowerPoint and fix for a bug where some users could not save edits to PDF files from 3rd party apps.


Drop Box is a pioneer in cloud storage, just like the accompanying web site, this application allows you to save all photos, docs, and videos anywhere for free. Its very useful to backup documents and work across devices. Dropbox will keep your files in one place and access them from everywhere.

A simple but effective way to store and manage photos taken on your phone. It's easy to use with no fussing about having to move around files from one device to another as it's all done for you in a flash. It's nice to know that all your precious photos or any other files are safe and not gone forever if anything should ever happen to your phone, tablet or laptop.

Not only just business needs which you can use the app for both, business and personal. You can send your picture to your family or friends, just upload your photo or files to Dropbox and your family can download the picture anywhere. All they have to do is type in your user name and password then download the files.

The latest version of Dropbox is rolling out now on the Google Play Store. And as usual we have an APK file that you can download and install it on your android phone or tablet.

Requires Android: 2.3+
Download File: 22MB (Dropbox APK)

Dropbox APK

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