Throne Rush 2.3.6 APK

Throne Rush

Throne Rush android game updated with New Mysterious chests and King of the Damned. The game has been improved now with better sync. Now you have a chance to gain a key in a battle which opens one of three chests with treasures. Throne Rush is a strategy game published by NEXTERS LIMITED. This game is available for iOS and Android device. It is a decent strategy game, nice way to spend the break time. 

The game is really nice looking and fun to play which combines town management and tactical combat. If you are patient, it will be free and without ads. You can enhance it within game purchases, but they are not required to enjoy the game.

Throne Rush is an empire-builder, strategy-based game much like Clash of Clans or Castle Clash but with Lord of the Rings flavor. The game is a mix of clash of clans and lord of the rings, who hasn't ever wanted that combination before. It's all about strategy. If you don't have a strategy, you will always loose from your enemy.

What's new in Throne Rush v2.3.6:
- Stability improvements & minor rebalancing enhancements
- New! King of the Damned - great and powerful unit joins heroes in the Tavern.
- New! Mysterious chests - chance to gain a key in a battle which opens one of three chests with treasures

Requires Android: 4.0+
Download apk File: 27MB (Throne Rush APK)

Throne Rush APK

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