Brave Frontier 1.1.16 APK

Brave Frontier

Gumi Inc. has updated Brave Frontier android game with stability improvements and bug fixes. Each update just makes it better. Brave frontier is one of the best mobile games that available for iOS and Android. The gameplay is great, it can be frustrating as a low-level player, since you can't really get many characters or participate fully in everything, but if you put the time in, it eventually becomes a great experience.

Turn Based RPG Fun! In the game, you have to collecting and building a strong team is only half the battle, planning, timing and targeting are critical to being success! BF has just the right amount of strategy with the special brave burst attacks and standard attacks that make it challenging and fun. Constant events that are fun to participate in and an ever-growing roster of units make for a really great game.

Previous versions of Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier is different action game out there and gives a unique perspective to each player who plays. When saving up gems and trying to get new legendary heroes you will feel as if you are a kid collecting Pokemon or yugi-oh cards! The game never tricks you into buying things either the developers is honest and giveaway free items regularly. There is actually a reason to play every day as well. There are daily dungeons, unique hero events, and a PVP system. Recommended for anyone who enjoys the original Final Fantasy formula or Pokemon.

Download Brave Frontier APK

- Requires: Android 2.2+
- File Name: 47MB (Brave-Frontier 1.1.16.apk)

Download Brave Frontier APK

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