SuperSU 2.00 APK


The best super user app available in the play store SuperSU updated to v2.00 with backuptool script for sugote and fixed context switch issue that could prevent confirmation popups from showing. SuperSU is one of the best Superuser access management tool for android. With SuperSU you have to complete access to your phone or any android device you couldn't have it with out this, and have the easiest way of doing it!

SuperSU allows for advanced management of Superuser access rights for all the apps on your device that need root. This app is awesome and is immune to a factory reset when installed properly and will be there when you need it on your Nexus 7 or any android device. It is a must for those who are unlocking/rooting their devices.

5 reasons why you should root your phone! 
1. Helps in taking back up of apps and files 
2. Helps to install apps which kills unwanted apps automatically. 
3. Helps uninstalling unwanted inbuilt apps. 
4. Helps in overlooking your device and increase performance. 
5. Helps you to access system files and thus helps in customizing your phone greatly. 

SuperSU has been built from the ground up to counter a number of problems with other Superuser access management tools. If root your device, you need this app to control which apps are allowed root access. That's why this app is a must have! The UI is as simplistic as it could be, yet fully functional and comprehensible for first time users.  Have to say, this app beats the rest of them easily. Easy to use and clean interface. Easily the fastest, simplest, very intuitive, good-looking, highly recommended and the best Superuser app today.

Requires Android: 2.1+
Download File: 2.2 MB (SuperSU APK)


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